System Requirements

Minimum Required
Operating systemLinux/UNIX/MacOS or Windows platforms ( 64-bit ) that supports Java

Refer to "Flint Portal PoC/Demo Deployment Prerequisites"

EnvironmentJDK "1.8.0_45" or higher. Make sure the JDK bin directory is on your PATH ( java -version  to verify )

You need Postgres database, flint and OpsHub and to download flint follow the above steps and for OpsHub follow the below steps.

Download Flint Portal (Flintserve)

Once the system is ready download flintserve from site.

Uncompress Flint Portal

For UNIX/Linux

$ cd <file download directory>
$ unzip 

For Windows

Extract the files and folders from the zipped tarball into a directory of your choice.

Locate the compressed folder i.e that you want to extract files and folders from. To extract the entire contents of the compressed folder, right-click the folder, click Extract All, and then follow the instructions.


Compressed folder is the downloaded Flintserve distribution version. For example :

Start Flintserve

After the deployment of flintserve build then to start flintserve first we need to create mysql database and named that database as 'flintserve'.

To create database hit the following command.

create database flintserve;

After that hit the commands

On UNIX/Linux

$ cd flintserve-x.x.x.x
$ sh start 



You can also start Flintserve in a daemon mode,to do so issue the following command: 
sh -d start 

On Windows

cd flintserve-x.x.x.x
flintserve.bat start
You can also install and start flintserve as window service, to do so open an Administrator 
command prompt and issue the following command: flintserve.bat installservice 

Verify flintserve Installation

To verify that the flintserve process has started successfully, point your browser at: http://localhost:8081 If you see the Login screen as in below screenshot, then you're all set to go.

To login as an administrator use below credentials

 Login Credentials: Username = admin and Password = admin123

To login as an user use below credentials

          Login Credentials: Username = enduser and Password = enduser123


Stop flintserve


As needed, you can stop the flintserve process just by pressing Ctrl+C.


On UNIX/Linux


If you have started flintserve in the daemon mode, then to stop flintserve issue the following command :


$ cd flintserve-x.x.x.x
$ sh stop 


On Windows


If you have started flintserve as a windows service, then to stop and uninstall flintserve open an Administrator command prompt and issue the following command :


flintserve.bat uninstallservice 


 To configure flintserve you have to login as an admin. Click on Administrator link then go to application settings widget then you will see the screen as in below screenshot,

Provide path of your services in services path field for example /home/sony/services/ and copy API key and then go to flint click on configuration link then you will get list of configurations present in flint. Go to flintserve configuration click on actions then you will get drop down list. Select Edit/Manage option then you see screen as in below screenshot,

Paste that API key in key and hit the save button. Again click on save button in settings page. If all are ok then you will get flash message as saved settings successfully. Click on back button then you will move to administration page then click on services. After that you will get the screen as in below screenshot.

Click on Sync All Services button. You will get the list of all services. If all works fine then you will get notification through flash message as 'Services has been synced successfully'. Initially all services are disabled you can enable it through toggle button associated with all the services. Your enabled services will be viewed in All services category.  


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