Flint provides out-of-the-box or ready to use workflows for Twitter. Here are the details of workflows/Flintbits for Twitter-

flint-utilhttps://github.com/getflint/flint-util.gitflint-util > twitter > operation

Available Flintbits

Perform mailing standard application operation available through the Twitter, listed below:

Twitter available Flintbits

  • post.rb


The Twiiter connector is used to post on Twitter directly.

Input and output JSON for the Post operation

This section illustrates the Flintbit Input and output for Post operation.

Sample Input JSON for the Post operation
 "connector_name" : "",
 "text" :                                 
 "file" :                   
 "access_token" :                  
 "access_secret_token" :                  
 "consumer_secret_key" :                   
 "consumer_key" :                                     
Flintbit input elements for the Post operation
connector_nameName of the SMTP Connector to be configured.true
textText to posttrue
fileMail address from which the email suppose to be sendtrue
access_tokenAccess token key for authenticationtrue
access_secret_tokenAccess secret token, required for authenticationtrue
consumer_secret_keyconsumer secret key, required for authenticationtrue
consumer_key consumer key, required for authenticationtrue
Sample JSON output for the Post operations



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