Flint provides out-of-the-box or ready to use workflows for SMTP Operations. Here are the details of workflows/Flintbits for SMTP protocol-

flint-utilhttps://github.com/getflint/flint-util.gitflint-util > smtp > operation

Available Flintbits

Perform mailing standard application operation available through the SMTP, listed below:

SMTP available Flintbits

  • smtp.rb


The SMTP connector is used to send Emails through a configured SMTP server.

Input and output JSON for the SMTP operation

This section illustrates the Flintbit Input and output for SMTP operation.

Sample Input JSON for the SMTP operation
 "connector_name" : "smtp",
 "target" : "smtp.gmail.com",                                 
 "from" : "anurag.dubey@infiverve.com",                   
 "username" : "username",                 
 "password" : "password",                 
 "to" : "pratap.patil@infiverve.com",                   
 "cc" : "pratap.patil@infiverve.com",  
 "bcc" : "pratap.patil@infiverve.com" ,
 "subject" : "Testing SMTP connector ",
 "body" : " Hello ... ",
 "attachments" : "/home/anurag/anu.txt"                                     
Flintbit input elements for the SMTP operation
connector_nameName of the SMTP Connector to be configured.true
targetHost name or IP address of the SMTP servertrue
fromMail address from which the email suppose to be sendtrue
usernameUsername which is associated with the sender's mail-id, required for authenticationtrue
passwordPassword associated with the username specified, required for authenticationtrue
toEmail address of the person to whom email suppose to be sendtrue
ccyou can enter more than one email address and separate by commas. carbon copy (CC) recipients are visible to all other recipientsfalse
bccyou can enter more than one email address and separate by commas. BCCed are not visible to anyone.false
subjectSpecify subject of an email herefalse
bodySpecify body of the email here ,email message content mainly a textfalse
attachmentsPath of files to be attached to an Email. Maximum size of a file that can be attached is 10 Mb.false
Sample JSON output for the SMTP operations
  "meta": {
    "job-id": "job-2c30b9ff-2bf0-44bb-b4f8-63941503cc17",
    "exit-code": 0,
    "context": "flint-util:smtp:operation:smtp.rb",
    "message": "success",
    "timeout": 60000,
    "timestamp": 1469599876012,
    "status": "complete",
    "content-type": "application/json",
    "username": "admin"
  "output": {
    "result": "success"



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