Version : Flint v0.29.0.0

Release Date: 23 Feb 2016

  • Added Connectors
    • Softlayer
    • DigitalOcean
    • FreshService
    • ManageEngine Service desk plus
  • Performance and Stability improvements

Version : Flint v0.28.0.0

Release Date: 5 October 2015

  • Ability to configure grid from Flint console UI
  • UI and Usability Improvements
  • Base platform improvements
  • Change in Grid configuration structure
  • Ability to take snapshot of Grid configuration
  • Performance and Stability improvements

Version : Flint v0.27.0.2-beta

Release Date: 4 September 2015

  • Bug Fixes
  • Performance and Stability improvements
  • Listener HA - failure detection and redeployment

Version : Flint v0.27.0.1-beta

Release Date: 27 August 2015

This is the first public beta release for Flint IT Automation platform.


  • Run Ruby and Groovy jobs
  • REST API to trigger jobs
  • Administration console
  • Git version control integration
  • Deploy/undeploy connectors and listeners
  • Deploy/undeploy of Flintbox (Git repos containing workflow scripts)
  • Cron expression based scheduling of jobs
  • Call connectors from flintbits (ruby and groovy scripts)
  • Directly pull flintboxes and grid configuration from remote git repos List of connectors
  • SSH Connector - v0.1.0.1
  • File Connector - v0.1.0.0
  • DB Connector - v0.1.0.1
  • SMTP Connector - v0.1.0.0
  • Windows Connector - v0.1.0.0
  • HTTP Connector - v0.1.0.0
  • AWS-EC2 Connector - v0.1.0.0 List of Listeners
  • IMAP Listener- v0.1.0.0


Oracle Java Development Kit - 1.8.0_51

System Requirements


  • Dual Core CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 10 GB Hard Disk Space
  • Recomended:
  • Quad Core CPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Hard Disk Space

Known Issues

  • IMAP listener: Number of listeners listening for incoming emails depend upon the number of instances of connector. We must only start one instance of this connector.
  • For windows: Inconsistency in disabling flintbox in case one of the flintbit from it is in use or running.
  • IMAP listener do not support and mail server yet.
  • SMTP connector does not support Outlook mail server.
  • DB connector does not support generation of dynamic jdbc-url for the databases other than Mysql, so in case of other databases need to give jdbc-url in connector configuration or request parameter. Connection pooling is coming soon.
  • output.remove()  do not work in case of XML
  • output.set()  can not handle null values in case of XML

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