Grid snapshot in Flint, is a view of flintbox, connectors, listeners and global config grid configurations as well as existing users information that existed during creation of the snapshot.

You might need to keep changing the grid configurations as per demand of your appication. Also, the need of the hour may ask you to rollback to any of the previously configured connector or a flintbox. When such circumstances arise, snapshots come handy.

Flint provides a default snapshot named default which holds all the basic grid configurations it had while starting flint.

Currently, Create Grid Snapshot and Restore/Enable Grid Snapshot features are available with Flint.

We can create and enable a Grid Snapshot from Flint Console. Also, we can view the list of grid snapshots along with their information like timestamp( created at ) and created by.

Create Grid Snapshot

Creating a snapshot will capture the current state of grid configurations of flintbox, connectors, listeners and global config irrespective of their status i.e. enabled or disabled along with the users and their details added by the administrator to flint.

To create snapshot steps are as follows:

  1. Log on to Flint UI Console
  2. Visit the Grid Snapshot link on left navigation bar
  3. Click on Take Grid Snapshot
  4. In the form displayed, provide the name of snapshot
  5. Click on Create button

Restore/Enable Grid Snapshot

You can rollback to any of the previous grid configurations. Along with the default snapshot, all the snapshots created by you are available as a list here.

To enable a grid snapshot, just click on the Actions button against the name of your newly added snapshot and select Enable action.

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