We can add and enable a Flintbox from Flint Console. Also, we can view the list of enabled as well as disabled Flintbox along with their versions.

With the help of this document, you will be able to add a Flintbox on Grid.

How to Add a Flintbox to Grid?

Let us see how we can add and enable a Flintbox in simple steps as below:

  1. Log on to Flint UI Console
  2. Visit the Flintbox link on left navigation bar
  3. Click on Add Flintbox
  4. In the form displayed, fill up necessary form fields ( as shown below )
  5. Click on Add button

Configuration parameters
Git UrlURL of the remote git repository. After a Flintbox is enabled, it will be cloned from remote git repository.true
UsernameGit repository usernametrue for private repository
PasswordGit repository passwordtrue for private repository


The above steps will only add the Flintbox. To start using the Flintbox, click on the Actions button against the name of your newly added Flintbox and select Enable action.

Flintbox Actions

  1. Enable: Only when a Flintbox is enabled, you can actually trigger the Flintbit.
  2. Disable: Stops the Flintbox execution, no Flintbit can be triggered then.
  3. Edit Version: Same as git branch name. You can choose the version of Flintbox to be enabled( default is master ).
  4. Details: Name, Status, Version, Git URL of the added Flintbox is shown here.
  5. Edit/Manage: You can change the configuration parameters here.
  6. Delete: Completely removes the Flintbox from Flint.


To enable/disable multiple Flintbox, use Bulk Action

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