Parameters declared here, are visible to all the Flintboxes, thereby being accessible to all the Flintbits. We can add a Configuration from Flint Console.

With the help of this document, you will be able to add a Configuration.

What can be added to Configuration?

  • Remote Server configurations
  • Additional credentials that might be associated with your applications
  • Frequently used REST API URL's
  • External API keys that might be used by your application
  • Directoy/File locations
  • Any other desired variables that need to be configured

How to Add Configuration?

Adding Configuration in simple steps as given below:

  1. Log on to Flint UI Console
  2. Visit the Configuration link on left navigation bar
  3. Click on Add Configuration
  4. In the form displayed, fill up necessary form fields ( as shown below )
  5. Click on Add button

Accessing Configuration parameters in Flintbit

Below is an example that illustrates accessing Configuration in Flintbits:

To extract "my_app_credentials" Configuration parameters shown above :"my_app_credentials.credentials.username")                          #username"my_app_credentials.credentials.password")                          #password"my_app_credentials.api_key")                                       #api-key 

or"my_app_credentials").get("credentials").get("username")            #username"my_app_credentials").get("credentials").get("password")            #password"my_app_credentials").get("api_key")                                #api-key 

Configuration Actions

Following are the actions that can be performed on Configuration:

  1. View Config: Config(JSON) parameters of the added Configuration is shown here.
  2. Edit/Manage: You can change the config(JSON) parameters here.
  3. Delete: Completely removes the Configuration from Flint.


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